Dust Suppression

Surface Dust(Dust Prevention)
  • Haul Roads
  • Open Cast Pit Roads
  • All Secondary Roads
  • Public Dirt Roads
  • Plant Areas
  • Underground Roadways
  • Stock Piles
  • Misting Systems
  • Other specialties
  • Resurfacing and stabilizing of road surfaces
  • Maintenance on Roads
  • Plant
  • 5 Water Bowser's available to work on site
  • Equipment
  • Storage Tanks
  • Dosing Systems is supplied and remains the property of EPIQ

  • Safety Products

    Safety is our priority
  • Safety begins with EPIQ Industrial(Pty)Ltd to our clients and their workforce
  • PPE to be worn when entering a work place at all times
  • Risk Assessments are a priority for EPIQ Industrial(Pty)Ltd
  • Use products in a safe manner
  • Adopt all clients safety standards & regulations

  • Exilite Product Range

    Multi-Purpose CLeaner
  • Heavy Duty Mult-Purpose Cleaner
  • Water based, non flammable and versatile to use.
  • E-Cleaner
  • Light Duty Degreaser
  • Suitable for sanitizing & general cleaning needs
  • Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • A hydrocarbon ester and surfactant system blend
  • Ideal for removal of base oil and bitumen based lubricants
  • Aliminuium Cleaner
  • Aliminium deoxidiser and brightener
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Light green paste containing mixture of soft soap
  • Ideal for cleaning of very greased hands

  • Chemtane2 - Distributor

    CHEMTANE 2 is the superior fuel for cutting, welding and heating. It is more profitable, easier to handle and safer than other cutting fuels.

    Chemtane 2 is an environmentally friendly product developed to meet the global need for a safer, more economical cutting and heating fuel. During the past decade, Chemtane Energy has devoted extensive resources to developing and refining the blending of its chemicals. Chemtane 2 gas is a new generation cutting fuel that is more economical, environment friendly, and safer than acetylene and other fuel gases.

    Product Features & Benefits
  • Reduces fuel cost up to 50%
  • High cutting sped – reducing labour
  • Equal oxygen consumption
  • Reduced handling and storage
  • Reduced change out time
  • Extremely high flame temperature
  • Minimum slag and weld back
  • Burns clean – no soot or smoke
  • Limited torch backfire
  • Narrow explosive limits
  • Stable, not sensitive to shock
  • Non toxic-odorized for detection