We resolve and assist in finding solutions for problems to secure a safe and better environment for all.


We are committed to providing results through service and operational excellence.


We are committed to train and develop our employees and providing education assistance to young South African’s as part of our Internship Programme.


We are passionate about what we can offer our customers in terms of service delivery; products and innovative solutions. We aim to make a difference through each and every delivery regardless how big or small.


We are committed to finding the right quality product at the right price for our customers.


We believe our biggest asset is our people. We strive to be a company of diversity and through our Internship Programme focus on empowering young South Africans with experience.


We are committed to finding innovative solutions for our customers and implementing those solutions through effective project management.


We are not only experienced to support our customers with continuous and service improvement plans but also committed to continuously look internally and learn where and how we as a company can improve.


We are committed to gaining the trust of our customers through integrity and transparency.


We will ensure that EPIQ is a brand and name that customers will learn to trust due to the quality service and products that we provide.


We are committed and devoted to achieving zero incidents and damages. We will continuously look for ways to improve and work safer through lessons learnt and training.

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