Overview Dust Control is an essential part of the asset management strategy. It is a gilt-edged investment in the safe and efficient operation of mines, people and equipment in the dust –free environment. Achieving a 100% dust controlled result might not be possible and cost effective; therefore the approach towards the industry is based on the principle:
  • 80% dust can be controlled with a 20% cost implication.
Dust emission can be prevented or reduced in four basic ways:
  • Limiting the creation or presence of dust –sized particles
  • Reducing wind speed at ground level
  • Binding dust particles together
  • Capturing and removing dust from its sources
Dust suppression and periodic road maintenance are normally combined

Benefits of controlling dust emissions:

  • Reduces dust-related human respiratory health problems like asthma , bronchitis and allergies
  • Reduces vehicle accidents and human caused injuries due to poor visibility and road conditions
  • Reduce vehicles equipment wear and damage due to mechanical abrasion and road impact
  • Reduce road maintenance cost by :
    • reduce frequency of grading by 50 % to 75 %
    • decreases loss of fine-grading road surface material
    • lowering re-graveling cost
  • Reduces cleaning costs for homes and vehicles.


  • AGM (Afri-Group Mix) is a blend of coconut oil, additives and co-surfactants, which enables it to mix easily with all types of water – including hard, salty or dirty water – and to penetrate into a range of road materials
  • It is water-soluble and when sprayed directly onto an unprepared surface will consolidate the soil to form a tightly bound layer.
  • This blend has led to a number of innovative products involved in application techniques.


  • Compaction – improve the rolling resistance
  • Hardness – allows track vehicles to use the road without extra surface preparation or protection.
  • No production loss due to drying time and closure of roads during application.
  • Not slippery.
  • Reduces liability for damage caused to property or people.
  • Reduce complaints from public.
  • Improve environmental conditions.



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